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To Make Your Life Easier - Is Our Top Priority

To Make Your Life Easier - Is Our Top Priority

Sagoon envisions a world in which every individual has unique needs, issues and interests that can be personalized by creating a tailored platform. Sharing similar issues and interests with people on the other side of the world helps everyone stay informed while making our lives easier and more convenient.

To enable this vision, we help users to customize their interests upfront while everything else is taken care of at the back end. Our mission is to make people’s everyday lives more convenient and productive -all-in-one place.

Sagoon is growing apace, with many blossoming ideas that will soon come to fruition. Our first product, currently undergoing private beta testing, is the “My Day”scheduling tool that enables users to schedule events, tasks and appointments on the go; users can personalize family events and share with other members.

Our Approach

Today, we’re living in a multi-device world – from smart phones to tablets, to laptops and computers. At Sagoon, we ensure that our users will experience equal quality on every screen size – small to large –regardless of device’s screen size and resolution or operating system

Our Achievement So Far

Meet Our Team

At Sagoon, we aren’t pretending to represent a big- name company like Google or Facebook. Rather, we come from the same place that many of our customers do – we didn’t study at Stanford or Harvard or MIT and we don’t have a flashy Silicon Valley office. However, we are passionate about building a great product by focusing on finding solutions to the problems we face ourselves in our daily lives. We know millions of others encounter these problems every day and believe that our platform will help them to make their lives easier and better organized.

Team and Early Backers

  • Swati Dayal
    Swati Dayal
  • Vijeta Srivastva
    Vijeta Srivastva
  • Yasir Nazar
    Yasir Nazar
  • Harsh Setia
    Harsh Setia
  • Jay Barpanda
    Jay Barpanda
  • Kabindra Sitaula
    Kabindra Sitaula
  • Govinda Giri
    Govinda Giri
  • Bui Quang
    Bui Quang
  • Gyanendra Gadal
    Gyanendra Gadal
  • Umesh Giri
    Umesh Giri
  • Shiba Dhakal
    Shiba Dhakal
  • Parashu Nepal
    Parashu Nepal
  • Dr. Bishnu Poudel
    Dr. Bishnu Poudel
  • Shreedhar Kandel
    Shreedhar Kandel
  • Bryant Harbison
    Bryant Harbison
  • Nukul Ghosh
    Nukul Ghosh
  • Viswanatah Polaki
    Viswanatah Polaki
  • Prakash Malla
    Prakash Malla
  • Prakash Malla
    Sapana Gautam

Coming next… more apps are in the pipeline

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My Message

Forgetting a holiday or special event can do untold harm to your relationships. The “My Message” app solves this problem by ensuring you never forget to send the right message on the right day and offering unique ways to express your feelings.


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