News Release

Date: 3rd August, 2018

Investors shall transfer the committed amount within 10th Aug 2018

Wasington D.C., Aug 3 2018: One-year qualification term by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Sagoon to raise capital from the public globally through a Mini-IPO ended at midnight of July 26, 2018 (New York time). Sagoon had offered the investment opportunity through the Mini-IPO in three different phases as per the approval from the SEC to raise $20 million from the general public globally within a year.

In those three phases of Mini-IPO offered, a total of 8,646 investors from 80 countries around the globe have committed for investment in Sagoon. In the third and the last phase of funding, general public from 58 countries worldwide have committed for investment in Sagoon. We will come across the exact number of investors and the amount once the required process is complete.

We would like to inform all the investors who participated in the third round of funding, to send us the copies of your passport and document that serve as address proofs, to the email address mentioned below. They can be your driving license, identity card issued by your office or any document that has your current address. We would like to inform you that the investment process will only be marked as complete when the bank verification process is done based on the submitted documents provided by you.

The last date to receive the fund has been set as August 14, 2018. It generally takes two to four days to complete the wire transfer process. Therefore, we request all the investors who participated in the final round of funding to transfer the committed amount through wire transfer within August 10, 2018.

We also request the investors to email us the above mentioned documents after completing the wire transfer. Investors who have chosen 'debit/credit cards' as the method of payment, while filling up the investment form, can contact us at the phone numbers available in the 'investment hotline' mentioned in Sagoon's investment page for transferring the amount.

Any issues in transferring money or need of additional information can be addressed through a live chat at Sagoon's website, hotline telephone and via email. Sagoon’s team members may contact the investors to assist the process.

Investing in startup companies is different from investing in other companies. Sagoon had provided general public with this special opportunity. It was the first historical opportunity for Nepalese all over. It was a new experience for our investors well-wishers and us. We are pleased to announce that Sagoon has made it to the list of American companies with high number of investors among those who offered the investment opportunity through JOBS Act 2012, Regulation A+ or Mini-IPO.

Trust from investors, goodwill from well-wishers and support from the general community is Sagoon's power for success. Sagoon will fulfill these expectations and hope of the well-wishers gradually in the coming days. Sagoon has already launched its Android app, and IOS app going to be launched in the near future. Likewise, Sagoon's desktop version has been revamped. Apart from this, work is underway rapidly to launch Social Smart Card, the main attraction of Sagoon. New products that are in the pipeline will be launched in the coming days.

At last, Sagoon family would like to thank all for the immense love and support. Special thanks to all people and organizations who helped to make the Mini-IPO a grand success. Sagoon welcomes all the investors into Sagoon's family who have invested in Sagoon believing our project and dream. Sagoon thanks and is grateful to all the members of the media and media houses who helped to convey Sagoon's news and information to the general public. Likewise, we would also like to extend thanks to the general public, well-wishers and mediums who informed others about Sagoon and took interest in us. Sagoon also would like to thank its representatives and advisors in different countries and our teams in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Korea, Canada, Qatar, UAE, Nepal, and many others in different countries who worked day and night for this mission.

Sagoon believes that it will continue to receive support, assistance and suggestions in the future as well.

Email address for sending passport and identity card: or

Thank You!
Govinda Giri
Washington DC, USA
Aug 3, 2018

Disclaimer- Please note, investing in an early stage company like Sagoon, is very risky. Please read our offering circular before making any investment.