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Date: 2nd March, 2020

Congratulation! Your share price value has increase 30%
Dear Valued Shareholder,
We are happy to share with you that Sagoon share price has increased 30% since the last Mini-IPO in 2017. Our new investment opportunity is now open at $30/per share.
Congratulation! You have earned $7/per-share.
We thank you for your belief in our vision and help to build Sagoon. With your unconditional love and support, we made over 700% growth in the last 3 years.
Here are some highlights:
Sagoon users increased from 660 thousand (6.6 Lakhs) to 5.43 million (54.3 Lakhs).
Sagoon has rolled out additional products, Sagoon Lite, Social Smart Card in iOS, Android app and the mobile web app – all are available for global users.
Sagoon also introduced digital currency “Smart Coins” rewards to users who engage in our platform, and redeem/shop through our retail partners in Nepal and India.
We are so excited to see that our user opens Sagoon app 23 times a day and spends an average of 1 hour 44 minutes daily on the platform (Google Analytics).
With all the above progress, we are encouraged to work harder and dream bigger. Our next milestone is to continuously add more users, scale up the platform, and add new product features. To achieve this goal, we need funding.
We are reaching out to you, as our existing shareholder, with high priority and hopes that you would make follow up investment to support us to achieve our next milestone.
Please note, we have made over 700% user growth (in addition to product and technology development) in the last three years but the price per share is raised only by 30%. We believe that the current price-per-share of Sagoon is cheaper than the fair price of the company and there is huge potential to increase your share value in the future.
We intend to participate in trading our shares in the secondary market soon and plan to go full-IPO (NASDAQ/NYSE) in 2023.
We have a special offer for an accredited investor. Please contact us for more information Please visit: Invest Now page to learn more about an investment opportunity.
Jay Sagoon!

Govinda Giri
On behalf of the dedicated Sagoon Team!!
Disclaimer- - Please note, investing in an early-stage company like Sagoon, is very risky. Please read our offering circular before making an investment decision.
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