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About Sagoon

My Day

My Day is the fastest way to create & share schedules and to-do-lists, and set reminders. It has been designed to simplify your daily professional and personal lives, and improve productivity.

About My Day

Multi Location Clock

It shows the date and time of your current location and that of any specific location you have chosen. You can change that specific location any time you want.


It displays the weather condition and temperature in your current location and that of any specific location you have chosen. You can change that specific location any time you want.


A unique tool to plan meetings, assign tasks, set the project deadline and do a lot more. You can share the created schedule with friends, family and co-workers.

Share Calendar

Share your daily schedules with up to three friends. Once they accept your invite, they will able to see every schedule you create and you will be able to see every schedule that they will create.

To-Do List

From keeping track of projects, planning vacations, and even sharing a grocery list with a loved one, To-Do List helps you organize your tasks and time.


Do you often forget important tasks to do? If yes, then this tool is going to be your saviour. Just set a reminder and you will never forget to complete any important task.


A secret is a learning, finding, experience or a thought that you think can help and benefit the society. Or, it could be any information that you want to publish without disclosing your name.

About Sagoon Secrets

Create Secrets

Create and share Secrets with everyone or privately with someone specific. Your private secrets will disappear after they’re unlocked.

Set Privacy

You can choose to hide your identity while sharing a secret. This feature also lets you disable sharing if you don’t want anyone to share your open secret.

Track Secrets

You can see the number of views your secret has got, and also the number of cities and countries it has travelled.

Attach Multi Images

Make your secret look appealing by attaching up to three images with it. You can attach preselected images or choose the related images from the ‘Suggested Images’ pop up.

Like, Dislike, Share or Comment

You can like, dislike, share and comment on any open secret that you find interesting and worth giving your time.

Hot Secrets

Hot secrets are those secrets which begin to trend after they receive huge amount of engagement in terms of likes, comments and shares.

Mood Talk

Supercharge your chatting with this tool. Use custom emoticons and crazy stickers during a private or group chat. Let your moods do the talking!

About Mood talk

Setting-up The Mood

Happy, disappointed, angry or confused? Let the world know how you are feeling by setting up your universal mood.

24-hour Delete

All the personal and group conversations are deleted after 24 hours. Once deleted, the conversations can’t be retrieved.

Diverse Mood Emoticons

Make your chat bubbly and happening with the number of chirpy mood emoticons available in the MoodTalk.

Group Chat

An amazing virtual destination for friends to discuss assignments, roll out important information and catching up with remotely located friends.

Search Your Friend

Search column in the bottom of MoodTalk lets you easily search for a friend you want to chat with.

Attach Files

While chatting, whether personally or in a group, you can share files in any format with your friends.

A Signup Can Change Your Life

Sagoon enables you to share secret messages, strengthen your relations with family & friends and express your emotional state clearly. Following the social path Connect. Share. Earn, it intends to transform negative experiences on social media into positive ones