Due to the overwhelming demand, we have extended this funding round until March 30th midnight (New York Time)

Until the closing date, we will continue to accept investment from our fans and believers. Join our investor’s club now

GOOD NEWS! Due to the overwhelming demand, We have extended this funding round until March 30th midnight (New York Time)
Until the closing date, we will continue to accept investment from our fans and believers.
Join our investor’s club now
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For 80 years, only rich people and venture capitalists could invest in early-stage private companies. Thanks to the US JOBS Act 2012 - a landmark piece of legislation signed by US President Obama - everyday Americans and the general public worldwide now have an opportunity to invest in early-stage companies like Sagoon.

Sagoon Inc. – a Delaware USA Corporation - has become qualified by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch an Internet public offering – a Mini-IPO. The company is now issuing more than 800,000 Shares of Class C Common Stock and giving all investors worldwide a chance to buy its shares, become a part of the $300 billion social commerce industry, and potentially earn a financial reward by being a shareholder.

For more information about our Offering Circular, please click here.


  • Raise Description

    Regulation A+ (Mini-IPO)

  • Company Name

    Sagoon Inc., a Delaware, USA Corporation

  • Founder and CEO

    Govinda Giri

  • Security Type

    Class C Common Share

  • Share Price

    $23 per Share

  • Minimum Investment

    $299 (13 shares)
    (We recommend a minimum wire investment of $500 to avoid any deficits or insufficient funds resulting from applicable bank wire transfer fees and charges)

  • Use of Money

    Research and development, technology infrastructure, launching products and expanding the company’s business

  • Sagoon’s Branches

    Sagoon India Private Limited (100% subsidiary) and Sagoon Nepal Private Limited (100% subsidiary, registration in process)

  • Legal Counsel

    Sara Hanks (KHLKlaw)

  • Financial Auditor

    Craig Denlinger (Artesian CPA)

  • Back-end Processing

    FundAmerica, LLC

  • Escrow Service

    Provident Trust Group, LLC

  • Transfer Agent

    FundAmerica Stock Transfer, LLC



  • Sagoon Inc., a Delaware corporation, was founded by Govinda Giri in the Washington DC area in 2007 with the goal of developing a web search engine.


  • In 2012, Sagoon Inc. was amended and the incorporation restated, while keeping the same name, with the goal of developing a Social Commerce Platform.


  • In September 2013, Govinda quit his job and started developing with a single graphics designer in India.


  • In July 2014, Sagoon version 1.0 was launched (as a private beta) in Washington DC and India by Bollywood star Manisha Koirala.
  • In November 2014, Sagoon opened a development office in India as a 100% subsidiary, Sagoon India Pvt. Ltd., with the goal of capturing the talents and market of South Asia as its first go-to-market strategy.


  • In November 2015, Sagoon version 2.0 was launched (as a public beta) in Kathmandu by the then Nepal Prime Minister, Mr. KP Sharma Oli.

Our Business

Sagoon Inc. is a GIFTING company.

The company is set to disrupt the $300 billion worth social gifting market and plans to share its earning with every single user by creating an innovative social path: CONNECT – SHARE – EARN.

Sagoon intends to achieve its mission of making the world a better place to live by helping people build true connections, share useful experiences and earn while socializing. We believe reinventing the concept of social gifting would improve people’s relationships and make them cherish each moment spent with their loved ones.

We call Sagoon a “social movement” – CONNECT – SHARE – EARN


People want their lives to be more fruitful. We don’t just want you to ‘connect’; we want your time to be useful, we want you to build meaningful and productive relationships.


We don’t want you to share everything you find with all of your contacts, that creates boring relationships. Instead, share experiences, feelings and thoughts that would create better bonds or turn out to be a life-saving gift to others.


We want to share our earnings with you. By spending time with us, you will learn, enjoy, and eventually earn cash rewards. We believe Sagoon’s most exciting feature will eventually be its ability to provide monetary rewards to users for the time they spend on this social network.

Our Major Sources of Revenue

Social Smart Card introduction: a digital shopping and gifting card where we take a 10% to 20% commission fee on every transaction by selling gift cards and coupons.

Here’s how we get commission.

  • First, we will build a payment gateway (merchant account) on the Sagoon platform
  • Second, Sagoon will have partnerships with vendors of gift cards and coupons
  • Third, we will integrate partners’ product APIs into Sagoon’s “Social Smart Card”
  • Fourth, every single user will get Sagoon’s “Social Smart Card” FREE with those partners’ names – either retail or online stores
  • Lastly, we will take a commission for reselling gifts and coupons

Banner Ads Introduction:

We plan to create a revolution in the banner ads market by adding value, knowledge and experience. Banner ads will follow our application, featuring a story in pictures. We will introduce a cost per thousand (CPM) model as our ads system in the ‘Secret and Wish’ messaging page of the user’s personal dashboard, allowing advertisers to brand their product by telling sales stories in pictures.

How do we stand out from the crowd?

Several of Sagoon’s key features separate us from the crowd. Additionally, there are five major innovative factors that enable us to serve a unique niche market:

  • R&D cost: Our product development cost is five times lower than our competitors’
  • Product and Service: We offer social media and social gifting in one place
  • Shared Earnings: Users earn money for the time they spend on Sagoon
  • South Asian Market: We can have a huge influence in this market and we fit into it culturally more easily than our competitors
  • Technology: We plan to use a data-retrieving method based on advanced mathematical formulae that support Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Intellectual Property

We have more than 15 patent and trademark applications ready to file after this offering. Employees and third-party consultants have signed non-disclosure agreements with the company to further protect its proprietary rights. We are continuing to develop intellectual property, with the intention of aggressively protecting our position in key technologies. The company owns several trademarks protecting the company’s name and logo, as well as extensive data, engineering analysis, and other intellectual property.

We are in India: Sagoon India Pvt. Ltd.

We are in India to reinvent the wheel. We plan to combine the experience, culture and success of Silicon Valley with the incredible talent that gives India the chance to change the world. Our plan is to roll out the same culture of product delivery, the same business model and retail concept, the same game plan, the same investment opportunity, the same employee benefits, and the same successful management team that a Silicon Valley company would.

We believe we have the potential to go bigger and much better because of the size of the South Asian market compared to the U.S. market – more than 500 million Internet users at present, a figure that is projected to reach more than 700 million by 2018. We have a team and an infrastructure already in place. We plan to hire and build a bigger team with key management, developers and engineers after closing this equity crowdfunding campaign.

Investment Rewards

Each investor/shareholder will get a share certificate from Sagoon Inc. Additionally, there are extra benefits if you invest more:

Popular Bronze level INVEST OVER $ 1,000 Includes
  • Receive Sagoon “Good Luck” investor ID card.
  • Receive an invitation to our amazing first shareholder “Annual General Meeting (AGM)” reception with famous celebrities.
Silver Level INVEST OVER $ 10,000 Includes
  • Receive all previous, plus
  • 2 nights' stay in a hotel during the event of an AGM reception
  • Have some input in how our company is run
gold level INVEST OVER $ 20,000 Includes
  • Receive all previous, plus
  • A free tour of Sagoon’s offices in US, India and other locations
  • Have your name posted on the wall of Sagoon offices
platinum level INVEST OVER $ 50,000 Includes
  • Receive all previous, plus
  • Have your name posted on a “Golden Plate” in Sagoon’s offices

What is the Investment process?

The investment process is very simple. Just click the ‘Invest Now’ button and complete the following steps:

1st Step Enter Name, Email Address, Investing As and Payment Option
2nd Step Enter your Name, Country, Street Address, City, Email and DOB
3rd Step Enter your Annual Income and Net Worth
4th Step Type your Signature
  • If you are in the US, you can pay by ACH (electronically transfer the money). For this, you will need your bank account and routing numbers. US residents can also send checks or wire the money
  • International investors have to select the Wire payment option and complete the investment form. They will receive an email with escrow account information. Then, they have to go to their bank and show the subscription agreement and escrow account information. The banker will help them to wire money (transfer money) to the escrow account.

What happens after you transfer the money?

Collection of money
  • Process The escrow account receives the money you transferred
  • Action FundAmerica sends you a mail mentioning how much you committed to invest and how much you actually invested
  • Time The time the entire process takes depends upon the payment method you chose:
    • If you chose ‘Wire Transfer’, it would take 3—5 business days
    • If you chose ‘ACH’, it would take up to 60 days
    • If you chose ‘Check’, the time depends upon the company you are sending your check through
Clearance process
  • Process Money goes to the clearance team
  • Action The team checks the background of the account holder, in addition to whether the money is white or not
  • Time The entire process takes 3-5 weeks
Sagoon receives the money
  • Process Sagoon receives the money in its account from the escrow account
  • Action Sagoon issues the ‘share certificate’ to the investor
  • Time The entire process takes 10-12 days
FundAmerica acts as your financial manager

After you receive your share certificate, FundAmerica starts maintaining your record and book, and acts as your financial manager. When Sagoon Inc. decides to trade shares in the public market, you can then request FundAmerica to sell your shares.

Certificate Invest

How do we use the money raised?

Watch the video to know what are the future plans of Sagoon and what it has in store for you


  • Expand office spaces in New Delhi by March 2017 and in Washington DC by June 2017
  • Set up a technology lab in IIT, New Delhi in 2017
    Govinda meeting Dr. Tuli (Dean) and Dr. Chatterjee (Mathematics Professor) in IIT, New Delhi.
  • Develop and launch an Android app by August 2017 and an iOS app by the end of 2017
    mobile apps sagoon

    App in progress

    A mobile app with the same exciting features and the all-new interface.


  • Develop and launch a Social Smart Card by Feb 2018
  • Develop sale and marketing to acquire more than 9 million users by 2018
  • Start making a framework for an IT Hub in Nepal by 2018

With just the desktop and mobile version, the valuation of the company stands at $93 million. Imagine what will happen when we launch the mobile app and the Social Smart Card? The current valuation, in that case, is expected to increase exponentially. And when the valuation of the company increases, the price of investors’ dollars is bound to rise many times likewise.

Products and Services

Sagoon’s comprehensive suite of products and services supports the needs of global online users. Each product suite has unique features and a different customer presentation strategy; the purpose of each application is to strengthen relationships. The core Sagoon technology enables products to be categorized semantically with lower development costs and faster speeds.

At present, Sagoon is used by people of all ages. The primary product allows for the building of social connections and sharing of secret messages, both publicly and privately. Additionally, it provides for the organization of daily tasks and schedules and the ability to “chat” seamlessly through MoodTalk. The current features available on desktops are MyDay, Secret Sharing, MoodTalk and Contacts. The current features available on mobile devices are Secret Sharing, MoodTalk and Contacts.

To learn more about these features, please visit

Social Smart Card: The real game changer

The Social Smart Card is a digital card for all the shopping and gifting needs of users that we plan to launch by the end of 2017. It will allow Sagoon users to earn money while shopping, redeeming coupons and gifting their loved ones.

Every Sagoon user will receive a FREE Social Smart Card. With this card, users will be able to EARN money, SPEND money, REDEEM coupons and GIFT their loved ones while socializing. Currently, there is no other social media channel that offers shopping and gifting in one place through a Social Smart Card, which will eventually give all users a share in our earnings. This is what we believe is a GAME CHANGER

With a single Social Smart Card, users can:

Buy and send gifts to loved ones

Buy and send gifts to loved ones.

Buy and send gifts to loved ones

Easily collect and redeem gift cards and coupons to buy goods and services.

Buy and send gifts to loved ones

Get a percentage back on each transition.

Tried and Tested

Sagoon rolled out a pilot project to gauge the response of Sagoon users towards a Social Smart Card. The project included 96,000 Sagoon users, who were rewarded with virtual money for sharing their confessions, chatting with their friends and creating to-do lists. Even though we launched a Social Smart Card with limited features, over 80,000 people liked the concept due to its uniqueness.

We then discussed this concept with many e-commerce vendors, who found it so interesting that they agreed to associate themselves with the Social Smart Card. Despite knowing that we are launching it at the year end, Sagoon users are asking us to release it earlier. This is the popularity this card already enjoys in the market.

Our Target Market

Sagoon is focused on the $300 billion Social Commerce Market, which is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Here is a quick glimpse into some of this market’s segments:

$34 billion

Revenue from social networks today (fee + advertisement) with projected growth of 43.1% each year.

$31 billion

Online Coupons (in 2014, digital coupons worth $16 billion were redeemed, that is 1% of total offered).

$149 billion

Digital Gift Cards (the worth of unused Gift Cards is $1 billion annually).

Source: CEB ToweGroup.

Why do we believe Sagoon is a Game Changer?

It’s simple: revenue sharing. We believe that Sagoon’s platform will be a pioneer in social media monetization where its users will earn money while making social connections and sharing personal stories.

Imagine being able to earn money, just by spending time on social media. The Social Smart Card – which we anticipate launching by the end of 2017 – will allow every single user to earn a percentage of Sagoon’s revenue.

Analysis: See The Difference


The key points of investment

We think that an informed decision is a wise decision. Before you decide to come aboard as an investor, we want you to take a peek into the following insights of the company and inform yourself about what we are focusing on, what we have achieved, and what we want to do.

  • fund

    We are focused on more than $300 billion social commerce market. We intend that our major revenue sources in the first phase will be “gifting and socializing” coupons.

  • fund

    We are the pioneer of social media monetization – a unique business innovation that has the potential to change the way the social media landscape is used today.

  • fund

    Sagoon is a social movement. The motivation in investing in Sagoon is not just to get financial returns but also to foster innovation from an isolated community and underserved market.

  • fund

    Team: We are a very passionate and committed team of entrepreneurs, who have full confidence in what we observe, perform and execute.

  • fund

    We offer our users the opportunity to earn money while they socialize with their loved ones; it will be made possible through a ‘Social Smart Card’ that creates a spin cycle of positive outcomes - more gifting, more advertising. That’s how we plan for successful growth.

  • fund

    We have already won half of the battle by making “Sagoon” a well-recognized household name among more than a billion people from South Asia and other parts of the world. We produce zero dollar branding cost.

  • fund

    We have a long-term vision. Since inception, we have been located in the United States and India - a new land of opportunity - where more than 500 million users access the Internet. We are also located in Nepal - a transit spot to China where more than 700 million users surf the Internet.


Govinda Giri

Govinda Giri  —  Founder/CEO

Watch Govinda answering important questions about Mini-IPO for Nepali audience

Govinda Giri started building Sagoon as a ‘search engine’ in the basement of his home in the Washington DC area and launched it in 2009. That was a start.

Time passed, the world changed. Later, he discovered changing users’ trends and behavior with respect to their online lives: ‘Search vs Share’. In social sharing, he quickly realized that current online social interaction had become an addiction rather than a replacement for people’s offline lives. In 2014, he pivoted Sagoon as a social commerce platform aimed to change the way people use and interact with social media today.

Govinda has more than 20 years of working experience in management and IT solutions. At Sagoon, he is responsible for deciding the overall direction of the company and product strategy. His expertise in network design and the development of communication tools allows him to fulfill his role of “chief architect” at Sagoon. Additionally, he manages the service and development of Sagoon’s core technology and infrastructure.

Govinda is a Cisco-certified network professional and a Microsoft-certified system engineer, who holds a provisional patent for the Random Vector Model Information Relation Method, a core technology developed to resolve computing problems. He has received many awards and accolades due to his contributions to the IT sector.

Born and raised in Nepal, Govinda has been based in Washington, DC for over 23 years.

Kabeen Sitoula

Kabin Sitoula  —  Co-founder

Kabin Sitoula brings over 15 years of experience in finance and marketing in the private sector to his role as Sagoon’s community outreach specialist. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2014, Sitoula worked at Premier Financial Alliance as the field director for more than four years. At Sagoon, he is responsible for building market strategies, and raising funds and awareness among members of the local community. He currently works part time with the company and is also a self-employed realtor and insurance agent.

Swati Dayal

Swati Dayal  —  Co-founder

Swati Dayal has over eight years of experience in web and mobile product design and development. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2014, she worked at Sparx Technologies (located in Noida, India) as a senior UI/UX designer for mobile and web for more than five years. Ms. Dayal is product and operations head at Sagoon, and is responsible for developing innovative products; managing operational systems; strategic planning, process and policy; and the successful delivery of the company’s goals and objectives.

Mahendar Edla

Mahendar Edla  —  Founding Member

Edla is a leader in the field of Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience in project management with both the US government and the private sector. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2015, he worked as project manager consultant at Booz Allen from 2014 to 2015, implementing cyber security applications for the US government. From May 2013 to May 2014, he worked as project manager consultant with Verizon, and from May 2012 to April 2013, he worked as project lead consultant with Fannie Mae. Before that, he worked as a project lead consultant at the Library of Congress, the US department of Treasury and Veterans Affairs to automate the existing manual process. As head of technology at Sagoon, Edla is responsible for the successful execution of the company’s business mission, overseeing the development of web and mobile products right from inception to deployment. He currently works part time with the company and part time as a consultant for Seaford Consulting Company, implementing applications on Amazon Cloud.

Laxman Pradhan

Laxman Pradhan  —  CPA, Interim CFO

Pradhan has more than 15 years of experience in various aspects of corporate taxation and business development. He is currently employed as a tax manager in the Global Tax Department of Capital One Bank in McLean, Virginia. He is actively involved in tax compliance and provision work. He is responsible for updating and analyzing tax impacts on new state legislative developments and regulations. Prior to joining Capital One, he worked as assistant vice-president at Chevy Chase Bank from December 2005 to February 2009. He also served as a senior tax accountant at Lockheed Martin Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he also worked with Riggs Bank and MCI WorldCom, Inc. in Washington where he was responsible for federal and state tax compliance work.

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy  —  Advisor

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Ph.D., MBA served as CTO of RKA Enterprises LLC. Dr. Priyadarshy has over 20 years of technology expertise and extensive business acumen and currently serves as an advisor for VendorStack, Inc. Before joining, he served as the chief knowledge officer of Network Solutions, LLC from October 2008. He gave Network Solutions a wealth of expertise including strategic, business, and technology consulting. He also co-founded RKR Group, Inc. Further, he has more than nine years of experience at a leading Internet company (AOL) in various roles. In his most recent role, he was the co-founder of AOL Research Labs, in the office of the CTO. He held various positions including senior research scientist among others at AOL, a unit of Time Warner, as well as multiple scientific positions at Rutgers, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Sydney, Australia. He is an adjunct professor at the George Mason University School of Management and serves on the board of India International School, a non-profit organization engaged in enhancing the ancient cultural values of India. He has authored over 30 research papers and his research work has been profiled in many magazines. Dr. Priyadarshy received his MBA from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech and his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Powai, Bombay (now Mumbai).

Sara Hanks

Sara Hanks  —  Legal Counsel

The company’s legal counsel Sara Hanks of KHLK LLP is helping Sagoon Inc. in all the legal matters related to Regulation A+, including filing a Form 1-A covering the offering with the SEC. Hanks is the co-chair of SEC’s Advisory Committee on small and emerging companies. Formerly an SEC attorney and general counsel to the US Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP, she is also the CEO of CrowdCheck, a Washington DC-based compliance and diligence platform that services investment crowdfunding platforms.

  • Sartaj Ahmed
    Sartaj Ahmed Software Engineer
  • Swatantra Kumar
    Swatantra Kumar Frontend Developer
  • Pankaj Bharati
    Pankaj Bharati Frontend Lead
  • Omer Bhat
    Omer Bhat Project Lead
  • Anmol Sharma
    Anmol Sharma Accountant / Admin
  • Gaurav Mahajan
    Gaurav Mahajan Social Media Specialist
  • Om Prakash Shreshta
    Om Prakash Shreshta Software Engineer
  • Umesh Chandra
    Umesh Chandra JS Developer
  • Dipendra Kumar
    Dipendra Kumar Marketing Lead
  • Sarala Giri
    Sarala Giri Operational Assistant
  • Archika Anand
    Archika Anand HR Manager
  • Place holder
    Suhel Ahmad Software Developer
  • Roshan Poudel
    Roshan Poudel Php Developer

Investment Queries

Q1. What is a Mini-IPO?

The “Mini-IPO” is a media term that is used for Regulation A+. It’s a new US securities law that makes it legal for the general public to invest in a private growth-stage company before the company’s stocks are publicly traded.

Here’s what usually happened before the new law existed. Only rich people who had a net worth of $1 million or those with an annual salary of over $200,000 were allowed to invest early. Then the company grew until it went to an IPO and stock started being publicly traded. So everyone else only got the opportunity to invest once the company growth had slowed down. That’s why rich people (early investors) made much more money than the less-rich people (late investors).

But now with Reg A+ (Mini-IPO), you do not need to be rich to invest. You just need to commit to not invest more than 10% of your annual income or net worth. Everyone can invest.

Good luck!

Q2. What does it mean that the SEC has qualified this offering?

It means the Securities and Exchange Commission of United States of America has permitted Sagoon to offer the securities for sale, as described in the Offering Circular, to investors such as you – the general public. Sagoon has met all the legal disclosure and regulatory requirements necessary to make its shares available to you.

Q3. What will I need to complete my investment in Sagoon?

  • 1)Personal information such as your current address, phone and email address
  • 2)Net worth and income information
  • 3)Bank information: checking account number, and routing number etc.

Q4. Can people from Nepal invest in Sagoon?

As per our knowledge, the government of Nepal does not allow its citizens to invest from Nepal in any foreign company.

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Disclaimer: An offering statement regarding this offering has been filed with the SEC. The SEC has qualified that offering statement, which only means that the company may make sales of the securities described by the offering statement. It does not mean that the SEC has approved, passed upon the merits or passed upon the accuracy or completeness of the information in the offering statement. You may obtain a copy of the offering circular that is part of that offering statement at

You should read the offering circular before making any investment.