That’s how it started

A few years ago, social entrepreneur Govinda Giri sized up the ill effects of social media on the life of people around him. He observed that people from different age groups were killing precious time just because of their curiosity to know more about others on social media. He saw the Internet becoming an addiction and realized that people’s offline life was shifting to online pretty fast. What he also realized was that better options were needed to cater to the life online. People were struggling with the current options, which were clearly not fully able to serve their issues, interests and needs.

That is exactly when Govinda decided to build a giant online world not only to cater to the needs of people using the Internet but also to make their life more rewarding. Yes, REWARDING. Isn't it fantabulous?

Sagoon is a small online planet that plans to reward its inhabitants for all of the time they spend there. More than 387,000 family members are all set to receive rewards and over one million are on the waiting list.

Our mission

To provide the first-ever platform to build a REWARDING life through the innovative social path: Connect. Share. Earn. With that, we envision making true connections, bringing intimacy into relationships, and creating a transparent society.

Our Commitment

Connect | Share | Earn: We discovered that many people were not happy with social networks. The reason being these networks lead people to have many friends but with little closeness, many connections but only a few real bonds. We wanted Sagoon to be unique, by which we mean ‘a problem solver’; one that adds value by humanizing, providing a platform to voice opinions, feelings, emotions or even confessions — without being judged. The whole idea of Sagoon is based on Connect. Share. Earn. We call it our religion.


People want their lives to be more fruitful. Thus, we don’t want you to just ‘Connect’, we want you to build meaningful and productive relationships; we want your time to be useful.


It’s not possible to share everything with all your contacts. That also creates boring relationships. Instead, share your experiences, feelings and thoughts with specific people to create better bonds.


The idea is to share our earnings with you. We don’t want you to spend hours on Sagoon and regret it later. When you spend time on Sagoon, we want you to learn, enjoy, gain knowledge and eventually earn cash rewards.


Sagoon Users Map Sagoon Users Map

On average, 11,000 people sign up on Sagoon every month. The Sagoon family has grown to over 391,271 members in 150 countries (as on 15th Nov, 2016). Sagoon has been consistently receiving positive feedback and love from all over the world. We have recorded over 4 million user engagements since 2014.

Analysis: See The Difference

Analysis Analysis

Sagoon changes the way people use and interact on social media today. Sagoon is a pioneer in monetizing social media, enabling users to earn financial rewards while connecting with others and sharing personal experiences.

  • SAGOON Platform: Makes your life REWARDING
  • Other Platforms: Unproductive and No Reward

Social Smart Card: The real game changer

Sagoon Card

Every Sagoon user will receive a FREE Social Smart Card when we launch the same in early 2017. With this card, users will be able to EARN money, SPEND money, REDEEM coupons and GIFT their loved ones while socializing. Currently, there is no other social media channel that has plans to share its revenue with its users when they shop or send gifts online.

With a single Social Smart Card, users can:

  •     Buy and send gifts to loved ones.
  •     Easily collect and redeem gift cards and coupons to buy goods/service.
  •     Get a percentage back on each transaction.

Target Users

Sagoon is for everyone who wants to reinvent their social life.

Govinda designed Sagoon keeping in mind the ill-effects of social media on its users - 2.2 billion global users. The idea was to make their online time more productive, useful and rewarding. No matter how old or young you are, if you are above 13, Sagoon is for you. Here are the examples of the target audience:



Youth today is always looking for attention from friends, family, neighbors and even strangers sometimes. What’s more alarming is that many social platforms are promoting this! Sagoon has been designed to eliminate this unhealthy habit by making them inclined towards reading information that could add value to their lives.

Homemakers who tend to forget important things

Homemakers who tend to forget important things

Homemakers prefer multitasking; it saves time and gives them space to finish pending tasks. Not always though! They tend to forget things. “I had to call my mother. But for what?”, “Hey, it’s my husband’s birthday. What was the gift I thought of for him?”, “My husband told me to deposit money in his account. But which account?” Yeah, you all have been there and it’s very frustrating to try to remember things. Don’t worry! Sagoon offers you both ‘to-do lists’ and ‘schedules’. Now, all that you were not supposed to forget is right on your account. Yay!

Young couples

Young couples

Even when they are together, young couples are engrossed in their phones. They think that the pleasure they get from being in touch with people virtually is the answer to their loneliness, but it’s not. By being on their phone, even in social gatherings, they are drifting away from the actual meaning of ‘socializing’. This habit of young couples is promoting social isolation. Sagoon doesn’t promote this concept and helps them build a loving and lasting connection.



Kids don’t realize this but they are wasting crucial time by scrolling up and down their social timeline without any purpose. Wouldn’t it be good if that timeline were filled with information they could use in future? It would be! And that is why Sagoon motivates its users to share information that is worth reading and sharing.

Seniors struggling between their time and current generation

Seniors struggling between their time and current generation

Ever noticed that seniors find it difficult to use any of the current platforms? It’s not as if they don’t want to use a platform where all of their children and grandchildren are to be found. The problem is, it is difficult for them to adjust to the environment and to the content being shared on that platform. Moreover, there are tens of options, which makes it hard for them to navigate. Sagoon is extremely simple to use and there is no complicated navigation to trouble seniors.

We intend to provide you with a platform which solves all of your interests, issues and needs. A platform that brings to you all that you expect from the Internet.

We are focused on a $300 billion Social Commerce Market

$34 billion

Revenue from social networks today (fee + advertisement) with projected growth of 43.1% each year.

$31 billion

Online Coupons (in 2014, digital coupons worth $16 billion were redeemed, that is 1% of total offered)

$149 billion

Digital Gift Cards (the worth of Unused Gift Cards is $1 billion annually)

Sagoon's journey in pictures

What they are saying about us?

Why Sagoon wants equity crowdfunding

The US JOBS Act of 2012 allows the general public to invest in private companies. Leveraging this change is another step in Sagoon’s strategy of aggressive production and the introduction of various interesting and unique features.

Aligned with Govinda’s vision of building Sagoon as a social platform for all users – age 13 and above - and of sharing the company’s revenue with everyone, the equity crowdfunding method opens ownership opportunities to literally each and every one of Sagoon’s users, fans and supporters worldwide to invest in Sagoon as long as it is legal in their country (every interested investor is required to check the local laws).

About the Founder

Sagoon's Founder Sagoon's FounderGovinda Giri — During his speech at the launch event in Nepal

From a small village in Nepal to Kathmandu city and then the United States of America, the journey was full of hurdles for Govinda. He cleared all of them bravely and managed to work at the Pentagon as an IT engineer, where thousands can only dream of working. After around 11 years, he felt this was not what he always dreamed of doing; his ambition, of building the next BIG thing in social media, made him leave behind his job, all the surrounding benefits and even his family with a young daughter.

Govinda says, “My ambition is to make a world where positivity prospers, where time spent is productive, and where bonds are built to last for a lifetime.” He further states, “If one day I see myself walking down the road to a corner lined with people, smiling and talking to each other about how Sagoon has changed their lives that will bring ultimate happiness to me.”

Now based in Washington, DC, Govinda, with his expertise in network design and developing communication tools, holds the position of chief architect at Sagoon. He has over 15 years of working experience in information technology, and sets the overall direction and product strategy. He also leads the design while managing the service and development of its core technology and infrastructure.

Team Story

Team Story Team Story

One day, Govinda was amazed to see his friend being envious of his relative who had bought a new villa and posted amazing photos on social media. Govinda then started researching about people and found that people were trawling through others’ information and in the end, they were generally not finding a solution to their own needs. He concluded that this addiction to social media was extremely harmful as it isolates us by making us feel bad about our lives. Most importantly, people are not able to get rid of this addiction even after knowing what it can do to them. Saddened by this state of most youngsters, he decided to build a social site where users can build true connections with one another.

Govinda quit his job and told a lie to his family that he got terminated. He set up a small office in the basement of his home. As the weeks went by, he realized the need of a team to speed up the development of Sagoon. One of his friends recommended an experienced designer from New Delhi, Swati Dayal. Govinda was impressed by her profile and previous assignments, and thought she could really help him in drafting the initial idea of Sagoon. He dialed Swati’s number, and shared the idea behind this social site and the reasons for it. Swati was always passionate about the new and innovative ideas, and decided to help Govinda in the initial stages. While talking about the project in the coming days, he and Swati got along really well, mainly because the DNA of their ideas matched. Govinda observed that this young woman had the potential of achieving something great; the only thing she needed was the right direction. As it turned out, Govinda requested Swati to join Sagoon as the company’s co-founder. Not only did she agree, but she also set up an office in India to run operations. She took complete responsibility of running production and operations, and started working even harder. The next big challenge was raising MONEY. Govinda was conducting meetings with hundreds of people in his networks but success eluded him until he met Kabin Sitoula. Kabin patiently listened to his old friend’s big dream of building a ground-breaking social network. They talked for about an hour and when Kabin got to know that Govinda had even left his job to pursue his dream, he started crying. Kabin promised Govinda help and together they started meeting people ready to share their DREAM. With the help of friends and family, Govinda and Kabin raised close to $500,000 on their first attempt and the wheel for Sagoon begin to move. So far, we have done two grand launches: ... read more

  • Sagoon version 1 was launched in US and India.
  • Sagoon version 2 was launched in Kathmandu by the then PM of Nepal, KP Oli.

Currently, we are working towards another update with the help of 19 team members (full time/part time) in India, Nepal and USA. Though the employees are in three locations, they work in tandem with one another to ensure glitch-free operations at all times.

Swati Dayal

Swati Dayal  —  Co-founder

Swati has over eight years of experience in web and mobile product design and development. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2014, she worked at Sparx Technologies (located in Noida, India) as a Senior UI/UX designer for Mobile and Web for more than 5 years. Ms. Dayal is Product and Operations Head at Sagoon, and is responsible for developing innovative products; managing operational systems; strategic planning, process and policy; and the successful delivery of the company’s goals and objectives.

Kabeen Sitoula

Kabin Sitoula  —  Co-founder

Kabin brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, finance, and real estate to his role as Sagoon’s community outreach specialist. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2014, Sitoula had worked with Premier Financial Alliance as the qualified field director for more than four years. At Sagoon, he is responsible for building market strategies, and raising funds and awareness among the members of the local community.

Mahendar Edla

Mahendar Edla  —  Founding Member

Edla is a leader in the field of Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience in project management with both the US government and the private sector. Prior to joining Sagoon in 2015, he worked as a project manager consultant at Booz Allen, implementing cyber security application for the US government. Before that, he worked as a project lead consultant at Library of Congress, US department of Treasury of Veterans Affairs to automate the existing manual process. As Head of Technology at Sagoon, Edla is responsible for the successful execution of the company’s business mission, overseeing the development of web and mobile products right from inception to deployment.

Laxman Pradhan

Laxman Pradhan  —  CPA, Interim CFO

Pradhan has more than 15 years of experience in various aspects of corporate taxation and business development. He is currently employed as Tax Manager in the Global Tax Department of Capital One Bank in McLean, Virginia. He is actively involved in tax compliance and provision work. He is responsible for updating and analyzing tax impacts on new state legislative developments and regulations. Prior to joining Capital One, he worked as Assistant Vice President at Chevy Chase Bank from December 2005 to February 2009. He also served as Senior Tax Accountant at Lockheed Martin Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he also worked with Riggs Bank and MCI WorldCom, Inc. in Washington where he was responsible for federal and state tax compliance work.

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy  —  Advisor

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Ph.D., MBA served as Chief Technology Officer of RKA Enterprises LLC. He serves as Advisor of Vendor Stack, Inc. Dr. Priyadarshy has over 20 years of technology expertise and extensive business acumen. Before joining, he served as Chief Knowledge Officer of Network Solutions, LLC. since October 2008. He also co-founded RKR Group, Inc. and has 9+ years of experience at the leading Internet Company (AOL) in various roles. In his last role, he was the co-founder of AOL Research Labs, in the office of the CTO. He has chaired many academic positions in different continents. Further, he held various positions including Senior Research Scientist among others at AOL, a unit of Time Warner, as well as multiple scientific positions at Rutgers, University of Pittsburgh, and The University of Sydney, Australia. He is an adjunct professor at the George Mason University School of Management and serves on the board of India International School, a non-profit organization engaged in enhancing the ancient cultural values of India. He has authored over 30 research papers and his research work has been profiled in many magazines. Dr. Priyadarshy completed his MBA from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech and his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Powai, Bombay (now Mumbai).

  • Sartaj Ahmed
    Sartaj Ahmed Software Engineer
  • Swatantra Kumar
    Swatantra Kumar Frontend Developer
  • Pankaj Bharati
    Pankaj Bharati Frontend Lead
  • Omer Bhat
    Omer Bhat Project Lead
  • Anmol Sharma
    Anmol Sharma Accountant / Admin
  • Gaurav Mahajan
    Gaurav Mahajan Social Media Specialist
  • Nupur Bhatt
    Nupur Bhatt Graphic Designer
  • Om Prakash Shreshta
    Om Prakash Shreshta Software Engineer
  • Umesh Chandra
    Umesh Chandra JS Developer
  • Dipendra Kumar
    Dipendra Kumar Marketing Lead
  • Sarala Giri
    Sarala Giri Operational Assistant
  • Archika Anand
    Archika Anand HR Manager

Investment Opportunity

We want you to join us in introducing the concept of social media monetization to the world. Embrace this opportunity and stand in the company of revolutionaries.

This fundraising campaign is to help us unfold the major updates on the platform, including the ‘Social Smart Card’. Now, when every Tom, Dick and Harry is coming up with a social site, it’s time to stop this menace. Filled with similar stuff, the social media arena needs change and we want you to be ‘the man (or woman) who brought the change’.

We are going through the “testing the water” phase where interested parties can indicate their interest. No, you don’t have to promise any amount. Just show your interest, it doesn’t even cost a dime. After we are qualified by the SEC, we will open the door for everyone from anywhere to invest in our dream of building the next big thing in social media. It is then you would be asked to invest in Sagoon with any amount you choose.

“I want everyone to tap this opportunity; invest a little, sit back and enjoy the show,” said Govinda when asked about a line or two for investors. He further added, “What we are building is unique and uniqueness is what the world appreciates. I would be very happy if people from different financial backgrounds get benefits for investing and that is why we have kept the minimum investment at $299.”

We revolutionaries await you. Come join us.

Why Invest?

Every new idea has the potential to transform the world. One such idea is Sagoon, which we believe is going to change the way people use social media today. The revolution is coming and it’s your chance to play a significant role in bringing about this revolution. The company will soon be offering an investment opportunity publicly online, something that was not available during the early days of Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the United States’ JOBS Act of 2012, it makes possible to invest online in Sagoon at its early stage and become a part of the $300 billion social commerce industry, and potentially earn a financial reward by being a Sagoon shareholder.

Why InvestWhy Invest